Why Twitter Rocks, Part 1

One time, my friend and I traveled more than 1,300 to Philadelphia to see FUN. in concert.

It was awesome.

Thing is, FUN. isn’t even my all-time favorite band. Coldplay is, and yes, I would have done this to see Coldplay too (never mind that I spontaneously drove eight total hours there and back to see them in Houston for a second time – that is a different concert trip story). However, don’t get me started about how Coldplay was playing in New Jersey the same evening I was in New York, and I didn’t find out about it until the last minute – UGH LIFE REGRETS.

The Philly trip was a pretty spur of the moment decision, too. The conversation went something like this:

“Why didn’t we go see FUN. at Bonnaroo?” “I don’t know. Where else are they playing?” “Hey let’s go see them in Milwaukee.” (cue the beginnings of planning a trip to Milwaukee) “Oh wait, I can’t go then. They’re playing in Philly. Wanna go?” “Yeah.” “Kay cool.”

BAM. Flights booked, hotel reservations made, epic trip planned.

The trip did not disappoint. In fact, it rocked. And the concert? It was grand.

You’re a rock star, Nate.

My friend and I, while sitting one evening next to the Delaware River in Philadelphia, decided to tweet @ournameisfun.

The Delaware, a.k.a the site of our grand idea


Then, we had an even greater idea: make a sign.

Awesome sign from awesome people for an awesome show

See? Great idea, right?

We held it up at a pause in the show, and yes, lead-singer Nate totally read the sign and grinned. HOLLA.

But that’s not the only holla-worthy moment.

We then tweeted the band (again) and some of the band members the photo. Yeah, we were those people.


The next day, as we were riding our merry way on the Amtrak to New York (had to throw in a trip to the city while we were up there), we noticed that HEY – Jack Antonoff, one of the band members, responded to our tweet.

I bring you proof:

So that’s one reason why Twitter rocks: it allows you to make it known to the band that you totally spent way too much money to see them live.

And yeah, so what if I am seeing FUN. again in Atlanta and Nashville in February (wuddup spring internship at the Ryman!)? I regret nothing.

In Why Twitter Rocks, Part 2, I’ll take a slightly more PR-based approach as to why Twitter rocks. So get excited.

But really…he tweeted us back. So maybe, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that cool, but… it’s cool to me.

Next goal: Coldplay to tweet me. Or better yet, meet me. It’ll happen. #oneday

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