Why Twitter Rocks, Part 2

As my previous blog post illustrates, Twitter rocks. Yet it rocks for reasons other than allowing you to connect with people you admire/respect/want to be/saw in concert/etc. It also rocks because it allows companies to take a proactive approach to consumers’ conversations about the organization.

To demonstrate my point, I bring two examples.

A friend of mine recently tweeted asking if Tempur-Pedic made a certain product. She didn’t directly tweet the company, yet they still found her tweet and subsequently replied to it.

That’s some good social media monitoring right there. Well done, Tempur-Pedic.

Another friend of mine tweeted complaining about a feature of Hulu. She also did not directly tweet at the company. They, too, found the tweet and promptly replied.

Claps to you, Hulu. The company successfully appeased a previously irritated customer.

As these two examples illustrate, Twitter is a great tool for companies to use not just for marketing purposes, but for consumer relations as well.

What’s great about the two above companies is that they didn’t just wait for complaints and comments to come to them directly, but instead they proactively monitored the Twitter world to find what consumers were saying about the company. By seeking out the conversations, the companies are practicing good public relations.

Companies and PR professionals: take note. Social media monitoring is imperative. Used effectively, Twitter is an awesome tool to reach out to consumers and create good impressions.

And that, my friends, is another reason why Twitter rocks.

What other reasons do you think Twitter rocks?

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