Socal Media and Customer Service

As everyone knows, social media provides an avenue for brands to engage with fans. Yet as this PR Daily article explains, many companies have yet to discover the potential social media has with functions outside of marketing, such as customer service and consumer relations.

“According to a recent survey from SAP and Social Media Today, a huge share of companies, 41.2 percent, use social media to answer five percent of their customer service issues or less. Not even a fifth of the companies surveyed—17.7 percent—said they use social media to address a quarter or more of their customer service issues.”

The article goes on to provide various reasons as to why companies are hesitant to use social media to address such concerns. Read the full article here.

I think companies and brands are really missing out on a prime opportunity to make favorable impressions among customers and potential customers via social media. As my previous blog post illustrates, social media isn’t just for marketing; it has the potential for growth as a platform for consumer relations and customer service.

Check it out here.

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1 Response to Socal Media and Customer Service

  1. brittneybyerley says:

    That’s great. I think I often forget that social media has a lot more to offer than just relationship building.. it can also make life a whole lot simpler and easier to manage for organizations and businesses!

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