Crowdbooster and Hootsuite

For my social media and public relations class, I presented on two social media monitoring tools, Crowdbooster and Hootsuite. Below is an outline of my findings, which provides basic information on the two tools.

What are Crowdbooster and Hootsuite?

Crowdbooster and Hootsuite are two social media management tools. These tools allow individuals and organizations to manage a variety of social media in one setting by aggregating all social media into one platform. From there, individuals or organizations can issue tweets and posts, as well as view a variety of social media analytics on their different accounts.

Companies that Utilize the Tools

Crowdbooster –

  • JetBLUE
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Ben & Jerry’s

“Crowdbooster is an essential part of our social strategy. It’s our clients’ top priority to regularly engage with their extremely talkative communities. The analytics and recommendations Crowdbooster provides are indispensable for learning what messages work.”

-Mayka Mei, Red Magnet Media

Hootsuite –

  • McDonald’s
  • Pepsico
  • Sony Music
  • Lamborghini

“HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results.”

-Pete Cashmore, CEO, Mashable

What are the differences between the two?

Crowdbooster –

  • Much simpler to use and understand
  • Free version only allows for one Twitter account and one Facebook account
  • Upgrades allow for more accounts, but still only Twitter and Facebook (no other social media types)
  • No social media feed
  • Provides suggestions on when to post content based on when followers and friends are most active

Hootsuite –

  • Much more social media data provided
  • Variety of different social media can be used:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google +
    • LinkedIn
    • Foursquare
    • MySpace
    • WordPress
    • Mixi
    • Video tutorials which show how to use features
    • Can monitor social media streams
    • Can work with teams and create assignments (pro version)
    • In upgraded version, can build customizable reports
    • Has an App

Why should PR pros use Crowdbooster or Hootsuite?

Social media management is now an important component of public relations. Not only do these tools allow for easier monitoring on one aggregated dashboard, but they also provide analytics and a way to measure a company’s social media reach.

Relative Advantage: allows you to monitor and measure a variety of social media in one place

Compatibility: more pertinent for use by organizations rather than individuals, but can also be used by individuals as well

Complexity: depends on which tool one chooses to use; Hootsuite is more complex than Crowdbooster

Trialability: both tools offer free versions

Observability: individuals cannot really observe whether or not an organization is utilizing these tools simply by observation

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3 Responses to Crowdbooster and Hootsuite

  1. macgwilliams says:

    There is a ton of great information in this post. I have used Hootsuite in the past but I’ve never gotten around to Crowdbooster. After reading this I will definitely start using it! Thanks!

  2. Ricky Yean says:

    Ally – thanks for writing about Crowdbooster. We’ve made some changes in the last few months but I’m glad you found us useful and complementary to Hootsuite. We hope to do more to add to your experience down the road.

    – Ricky

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