Nashville, I Miss You


Nashville, I miss you.

I miss you more than I missed you last summer. It sounds like an impossibility (because I really, REALLY missed you last summer), but it is reality. I miss everything about you.

I miss your skyline. I miss your eclectic coffee shops. I miss your assortment of people. I miss your sparkling river and your rolling hills. I miss your concerts and your rockin’ venues. I miss your penchant for guitar-strumming performers on every street corner. I miss your universities (namely, Belmont – LUV U). And perhaps most importantly, I miss your restaurants, especially The Pharmacy (okay okay, that’s not the thing I miss the most but MY GOODNESS, I’d love a burger and shake right now).

You see, Nashville, you’ve captured my heart in a way that no other city has. You have your peculiarities, but you’re charming nonetheless, and that makes you unbearably cool.

You’re not simply my “home away from home.” You ARE my home.

Fortunately, I will see you soon. Four days, in fact. And I cannot – CANNOT – wait for our reunion.

Much love,

Currently Listening:

“Home” by Ben Rector. The song speaks my heart.

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