A Lesson in Goodbye

I’m not good at this whole “goodbye” thing. In fact, I’m rather horrible at it.

Back in October, NME and other similar publications wrote that Keane was taking a break. So naturally, this was my reaction: WAIT KEANE YOU’RE SPLITTING UP?!

Okay, so they’re not officially breaking up. The claim is that they’re taking a hiatus so members can pursue other career opportunities. To quote an NME article, “The truth is that the band … have made no long term plans regarding the future of Keane.”

Keane has been one of my favorite bands since high school. I’m partly convinced that Tom Chaplin is an angel. There’s absolutely no way a normal human being can sing that well. And all that piano! Simply glorious! I saw Keane for the first time at the Ryman back in January, and my goodness, it was heavenly.


Keane at the Ryman

So even the smallest possibility that Keane may exist no longer – that’s disastrous!

Because, like I mentioned, I’m not good at this whole “goodbye” thing. Let’s analyze the word a bit – “goodbye” – what in the world is good about saying bye?! Answer: nothing.

Okay, maybe there’s some good in endings. And maybe some endings are necessary, no matter how much they suck (apologies for my lack of eloquence in word choice).

In my case, Keane’s “break” (or whatever it is) echoes a period of my life filled with a few goodbyes here and there. Though I’m beyond excited to spend my next semester in London, there’s still that lingering sadness that comes along with saying farewell to friends and Nashville for longer than just a couple of months.

Then, there’s the letting go. Another admittance: I’m not good with that aspect of life. I’ve had the same friends since childhood, and though I’ve added friendships to my life as it has progressed, I’ve rarely had a close friendship dissipate. I’ve also grown up in the same city my entire life, only moving once to come to college in Nashville.

In other words, I don’t know the art of letting go. I don’t want to let places go, and I especially don’t want to let people go. Yet sometimes it’s needed. I’m realizing we all will have that lesson in goodbye, whether it’s a place, a person, a dream, a feeling, or whatever else.

So I’ll allow Keane to orchestrate the soundtrack for this oddly bittersweet period in this crazy weird thing called life.

Note to self: adulthood is seriously bizarre.

Currently Listening:

“My Shadow” – Keane

Of course I must close out this blog post with a song from Keane. “My Shadow” is my favorite song by these lovely Brits for so many reasons. Allow the words and melody to seep into your beautiful soul.

Then, if you aren’t already familiar with Keane’s music (who are you?!), change that by listening to their newest greatest hits compilation (aptly titled “The Best of Keane”).

“We won’t be leaving by the same road that we came by.” Truth, Keane. Truth.

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