Is This Really Happening?

Is this really happening?

I’ve been asking myself that question quite frequently in the past few days. Guys. I’m HERE. I’m in London for the next four months, a long-term visitor to this vast city. How did I get so lucky?

The journey began with my parents accompanying me to my hometown airport with their farewells, which went something like this: “Be safe. Have fun, but be safe. You’re going to have a great time, but just remember: be safe. We love you, but one more thing… be safe. Just be safe.” Got it, Mom and Dad.

My friend Briana (hay gurl) joined me in DFW for our flight to London. Upon arrival, I caught my first glimpse of a British sunrise and of the city spread beneath the clouds and that, my friends, brought me to a state of utter giddiness.

My first British sunrise

Good morning, London.

London through the clouds

London through the clouds

I struggled a bit through Heathrow with my luggage which quite literally weighed more than I did. Fortunately Briana found a luggage cart for me before my arms dislocated, and we were whisked away to Regents University by a delightfully British taxi driver.

The first few days have been a whirlwind of settling in, becoming acclimated with the area, and exploring my new city. I have three wonderful flatmates: Briana, as well as lovely Australian Jess and sweet Italian Diva (SHOUT OUT 2 U GUYZ).

The Flatmates

The Flatmates

On Saturday, Briana and I took a bus tour of London which hit the main highlights of the city. We were witness to a charming group of protesters, complete with Guy Fawkes masks and a megaphone greeting of “Welcome to London! The people are unhappy with their government!” Thank you for the warm welcome, sir.

London 18

View of Big Ben from across the river

Sunday I ventured out on my own to Mass, and it was quite invigorating, really; although, admittedly, I did have to call Briana and Jess so they could consult MapQuest to determine whether or not I had passed my destination already.

Simple moments, such as a stranger apologizing for bumping into you on the street or a mere transaction at the grocery store, become utterly fascinating simply because they’re British rather than American. And the accents everywhere! What glory!

I’m beyond thrilled to be here in this beautiful place, and I cannot wait to explore more of the city, travel throughout Great Britain and Europe, meet intriguing people, attend some fabulous concerts (Phoenix, Bastille, and the BRIT Awards are currently on hand) and – most importantly – conquer the tube (because public transportation mastery equals independence, right?)

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

I’ve even found some contenders for my previously mentioned artsy British coffee shops, so yes, thus far my reality and my expectations are faring well together.

Again I ask … Is this really happening?!

Until next time, cheers!

Currently Listening:

“We Found Love” – cover by Coldplay

My sweet boiz did a cover of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” for BBC Live Lounge back in 2011, and my goodness is it a delight to the ears.

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