A Week of Lasts


Today marks the beginning of the end. It’s my last Sunday in London. Tomorrow will my last Monday, Tuesday will be my last Tuesday, Wednesday wi… okay, you get the point.

It’s a week of lasts.

Toward the beginning of the semester, I had a rather panic-inducing dream. In it, I was nearing my final days in London only to realize I had done absolutely nothing I had wanted to do while here. In essence, I had wasted away my days; I had thrown away this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I awoke with a dreadful feeling in my stomach, thankful it had only been a dream but also fearful this subconscious thought would somehow come to fruition.

I’d venture to say that I didn’t waste my days as my dream had suggested I would. But as I begin this final week, I still have a sort of panic within me that – wait! – I haven’t gotten to do everything I’ve wanted to do! There’s still so much to see! I need more time!

But, alas, London is a city that can’t be conquered in four months, so there will be things on my list which will sadly remain uncrossed.

Thus, my week will consist of my overly-sentimental and nostalgic self marking each moment as the “last.”

The last time I’ll take the Hammersmith and City line to Baker Street to get to campus. The last time I’ll walk through the halls of uni, a myriad of languages and accents gracing my ears. The last time I’ll hear that voice so lovingly remind me to mind the gap between the train and the platform. The last time I’ll peruse through the endless shelves of books in Daunt. The last time my ability to get around London will be impeded because of a Tube strike (which, yes, is planned during my last week – joy). The last time I’ll sleep on the painfully springy mattress that furnishes my flat. The last time I’ll look at Steve (yeah, we named him Steve) in the apartment across from us, always at his computer (the poor soul never leaves his laptop!). The last time I’ll push my way through the throngs of people during a Saturday afternoon spent at a market.

I’m really going to miss this place.

I’m going to miss the low rumble of an approaching train and the rush of wind as it speeds past on the platform. I’m going to miss walking through Regent’s Park and watching it come to life as winter melted into spring. I’m going to miss sitting atop Primrose Hill and surveying the beautifully iconic London skyline. I’m going to miss those evenings which consisted of eating overly-priced Ben and Jerry’s (5 pounds y’all – FIVE POUNDS) with my flatmates instead of being productive with homework. I’m going to miss the free museums. I’m going to miss the history of this place, the knowledge that so much has happened in these centuries-old streets. I’m going to miss that feeling of “this day has an endless opportunity of adventure awaiting me!” that I was able to awake with every morning. Heck, I may even miss those low-hanging clouds which always threaten the soulless drizzle so characteristic of Britain.

You see – and forgive me for what I’m about to say, Nashville (we can still be friends!) – I’ve fallen unbelievably in love with London. In fact, I’m pretty sure London is The One.

So to begin this week knowing it’s my last seven days here, it’s mildly depressing.

But I suppose I’d rather be depressed to leave than eager to leave, because if I’m eager to leave it means that I was never content to be here in the first place, right?

To put it simply, I’ve had a really great semester, y’all.

What’s that overly-used Dr. Seuss quote again?

“Don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened.”

Yeah, something like that.

Whatever lasts you may be facing this week, here’s to facing them well, my friends.



Now Listening:

“Black River” – Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang is a lovely London-based band which I quite like. I saw them open for Coldplay on their Mylo Xyloto tour and have since been smitten with their music.

This song is the single for their upcoming EP, which will be available this Tuesday, April 29. The three new tracks from it can be heard here. I like these new songs even more than I liked their initial album, Suego Faults (which is certainly worth listening to), so that’s always promising.

Listen. Love.

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