6 Reasons to Not Hate Coldplay

(Preamble to this post: By now, I’m sure you know I like Coldplay. A lot. So it was only a matter of time before I set aside a post dedicated solely to them. That time is now.)

I’ve noticed quite a bit of anti-Coldplay sentiment in the media and among peers. And for what reason, I ask?

(Okay, I get it, we won’t all like the same music, but just play along with me here).

In my poetry class this semester, I referenced C-play in one of my poems which was then subsequently chosen to be shared with the class. Negative comments against the band ensued. C’mon, people! Don’t hate on my boos like that.

So in honor of their 6th album, Ghost Stories, I present to you 6 reasons to not hate Coldplay:

  1. Mylo Xyloto Wristbands

Ever danced and sang in a sea of hundreds of multicolored, flashing lights? No?

For their Mylo Xyloto tour, Coldplay presented each member of the audience with wristbands that not only lit up, but also were synced along to the music. If you had the pleasure of attending one of these shows, I hope you count it as one of the greatest nights of your life because IT WAS.

(Fun fact: I may or may not be currently wearing my Mylo Xylo t-shirt as I write this. This wasn’t intentional, I promise.)

Look how much fun these people are having:

  1. Free Album Giveaways

For a portion of their Viva la Vida tour, the band gave out the free live album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, as a show of appreciation to everyone at the close of their shows. For a time, this album was also made available as a free download from their website.

“So what? It’s just a live album.” False. It’s not just a live album, because it features my favorite version of “The Hardest Part” – just Chris at his piano singing his beautiful heart out while we all weep in the audience. And then it even tacks on the magical piano piece, “Postcards from Far Away” at the end (second fun fact: it’s the only thing I can play in full on the piano, and even so it’s not played that well, but whatever, I digress…).

  1. The time Chris did this.

One time in Sydney, Chris and co. played “Fix You.” And it was really beautiful and the crowd really loved it. Then Chris decided to jump up and run around in the crowd, much to the surprise and dismay of security. The crowd (and security) then proceeded to chase him around the stadium as though he were Jesus. After this impromptu run-about, he then jumped back on stage to end the song like a champ, albeit a bit sweaty and out of breath.

And everyone was left wondering “Chris, what was that?” and it’s absolutely wonderful.

  1. They’re giving.

Coldplay makes a lot of money. More money than you and I will ever glimpse in our lifetimes. BUT at least they have a giving heart, am I right?

The band is a big advocate of Oxfam, as well as several other charities.

In December of 2013, along with several other artists, the band played Under 1 Roof, a benefit concert at Eventim Apollo in London for Kids Company, a charity in London and Bristol which works with at-risk children and young people. This is the second show they’ve played benefiting the organization. The band also auctioned off several of their instruments and clothing from their Mylo Xyloto tour, raising £33,820 for the charity.

Since the show took place during the holiday season, the band performed one of my favorites, “Christmas Lights.” Though it may not be Christmas now, the song is always worth a listen. It takes your heart, physically removes it from your chest, and then caresses it until you CRY.

  1. They’re humble.

Here’s something sweet: Coldplay doesn’t think they’re the biggest band in the world. Or at least Chris doesn’t.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1, Zane attempted to bestow that title on the band, only to have Chris firmly reject it. Instead, Chris suggests that One Direction holds that crown, which is pretty adorable.

Of course, arguments can be made about who exactly is the biggest band in the world, but must we put Coldplay and One Direction in the same category? But anywho, once more, I digress into a completely different discussion.

The fact is they’re humble as all get-out. What a delight it is to see people in the spotlight still maintaining a sense of “hey, I’m still a human just like everyone else.”

The interview is a bit long – about an hour – but definitely worth hearing.

A piece of the album’s closing track, “O,” is played toward the end, and let me say, I had to stop putting on my makeup for a second to just listen. The piano melody is hauntingly beautiful. Like I’ve said before, I cannot wait for this album in all its melancholy glory.

Unfortunately, Chris tells Zane that the six shows the band announced are so far the only plans for a tour with this album. NO, CHRIS, NO. I need to see you on tour! I understand personal issues and whatever, but what about my needs, Chris?! MY NEEDS!

  1. This song.

“Til Kingdom Come” is hands down my favorite song from Coldplay. It will somehow be incorporated into my wedding (hope you’re okay with that, future hubs). From their X&Y album, it was originally set to be recorded as a duet with Johnny Cash and Chris, but Cash unfortunately passed away before this was able to be accomplished. The song carries a simple melody, but with beautiful lyrics.

In the video below, the band appropriately mashes the song with Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

Ghost Stories will be available on May 19 (that’s so soon, y’all!).

The Ghost Stories special will air on NBC on Sunday, May 18 at 7 PM ET/PT in the U.S. Airing details for other countries can be found here (you UK peeps are #blessed – an entire evening devoted to Coldplay!). The special was filmed at a show in Los Angeles this past March and will feature songs from the new album as well as some old favorites. So set your DVR, folks (or just actually watch it when it comes on).

I’ll end this post with a quote from Chris’ interview with Zane:

“Life is beautiful in all the colors, even the dark ones.”

And life is even more beautiful when you have a Coldplay tune to accompany it.

Now Listening:

“A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay

I know I mentioned this song already in my last post, but I seriously cannot stop listening to it. From what I’ve heard of the album so far, I’m almost certain “A Sky Full of Stars” is their strongest track from it.

This is a great one to turn up unnecessarily loud in the car and dance to (while also still paying attention to the road because, y’know, safety first).

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4 Responses to 6 Reasons to Not Hate Coldplay

  1. I never understand why people are so quick to hate on Coldplay. Thank you for standing immovable in your adoration. If I remember correctly, I think it used to be quite cool to like Coldplay when we were younger, but I guess that just shows you what the herd mentality can do. Stay strong.

  2. Christobelle says:

    I love Coldplay too. But why are we talking about our inner Coldplayers as if (to quote a Youtube commenter) Coldplay is a religion; Chris Martin is it’s only prophet, and (my words now) we are building each other in the faith as members of the Church of Chris Martin? It seems weird, talking about “immovable admiration” and “support.” (But I guess it can be hard to be true to yourself when the anti-Coldworld days you have horrible taste. I know how THAT is.)

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