“I Like You But Not Like That…” Celebrating Unrequited Love Songs

Why celebrate love (yuck!) when you can celebrate unrequited love (fun!) instead?

For those of you #blessed to have experienced unrequited love/like/feelings/whatever, these songs will hit so close to home that they’re probably already on a playlist of yours titled “Pity Party Playlist.” (Admit it, we all have one.)

For those of you unlucky enough to be on the outside of the unrequited love in-crowd, these songs will DEFINITELY make you extremely envious that you aren’t a part of it. Because who wouldn’t want to have feelings for another person go unreturned? Not me! That sounds like a blast! Where can I sign up?

Without further ado, I present to you 6 odes to that whole one-sided love/like/feelings thing.

“Pull Me Back to Earth” – Friendly Fires

“Pull Me Back to Earth” is one of those songs that will have you bopping along on a sunshiny, mid-70 degrees day without a care in the world… until you actually listen to the lyrics (very first line: “your love, unrequited”) and realize it’s basically about this dude trying to release himself from the grasp of a toxic, one-sided relationship.

Either way, it’s an excellent song from the electro-indie band’s also-excellent 2011 album, Pala.

“Shiver” – Coldplay

Pre-Gwyneth and worldwide fame, there was this one teensy song about unrequited love on a teensy debut album from a teensy British band called Coldplay.

“So I look in your direction/but you pay me no attention do you,” Chris Martin croons in the first line of the song.

He then goes on to say how he’d “be there by your side/just you try to stop me.” He’s clearly really, really adamant about his devotion to this mystery gal.

“I’ll always be waiting for you” he then says repeatedly. D’aww, that’s cute Chris!

Even cuter is how young the boiz look in this video for the song:

“Winner at a Losing Game” – Rascal Flatts

In honor of the fact that my last two internships have been in country music, I thought I’d throw in a country song for the sake of it. Plus, if you’re going to listen to country, it might as well be Rascal Flatts, a band which boasts an extensive list of really great songs. This one is an unrequited love gem, if I do say so myself.

“Have you ever had to love someone that just don’t feel the same?” asks lead singer Gary LeVox in the chorus. This is when everyone who has experienced the pleasure that is unrequited feelings gives a collective nod and proceeds to push the repeat button on this song for the fourth time.

“Patient Love” – Passenger

This is another one of those songs that goes on and on about how this unrequited lover will wait on and on for the person of his affection. Patience is a virtue and all but…

This song is on the album All the Little Lights, but Passenger’s new album Whispers is out now. I haven’t listened to it yet, but let me know how it is if you beat me to it.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Bon Iver

This song because duh and Bon Iver’s version because obviously.

The Entire Sam Smith Album (no, but really…)

You know how when you open a new jar of peanut butter and the top is so smooth that it hurts you a little bit to dip your knife in and spoil it? Sam Smith’s voice is like that, except smoother. How’s that even possible?!

Admittedly, the Sam Smith bandwagon passed me by a few months ago and I was hesitant to jump on. Sure, it was clear this guy could sing; the talent was evident. But did I actually like his music?

I decided to go ahead and give his debut album In the Lonely Hour a go yesterday. As I was listening, clarity drop-kicked me in the face before telling me that I was an absolute idiot for not realizing Sam’s perfection sooner. Clarity was right. I was an idiot.

But here I am now, a complete fan of this porcelain-skinned Brit. I’m totally 100% convinced that this guy is an angel sent from the heavens. I’m not the only one – this Buzzfeed article basically broke into my mind and wrote my subconscious thoughts for me.

Sam and I also have a lot in common: we both dig dudes and have never been in a relationship before. The connection is real, y’all.

So set aside approximately forty minutes of your evening, grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, light some Bath & Body Works’ candles, and turn on this album. It will be the best – and most depressing – forty minutes of your day, but you won’t regret a thing.

One of my favorite tracks from the album includes “I’m Not the Only One,” where poor Sammy sings about how “your heart is unobtainable even though Lord knows you have mine.” OUCH.

Then in “Not In That Way” – another tearjerker – he sings, “You’d say I’m sorry/believe me, I love you/but not in that way.” Like WHOA Sam, I’d like my heart back plz & thx.

Another one of my favorites is “I’ve Told You Now,” which I’ve put below. It’s sad and sassy and beautiful and makes you want to pump your fist and cheer on Sam, saying YEAH SAM THAT’S RIGHT YOU TELL THAT FOOL!

It’s best to end this list with Sam. Let’s have one big collective HOORAY for unrequited love and the songs that have spawned from it!

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