The End Times


It’s my final semester of college.

After this, it’s done. Over. No more school for as long as I live. No more homework. No more classes. No more hanging out with my peers every single day. No more independence limbo where you still rely on your family for some things but get to make your own decisions for others. Nope. I’m on my own now.


That’s some heavy ish.

“But it’s an entire semester,” one may argue. “You have so much time!”


One semester = a little less than four months = 16 weeks = 16 weekENDS. Like wut! That’s nothing!

In my Senior Capstone class, I was challenged to reflect upon my last three years at Belmont, pinpointing moments of growth and change.

I was immediately overwhelmed with thoughts along the lines of “I wish I’d minored in this instead. Why didn’t I stick with my French classes? Why didn’t I write more? How come I focused on this when I should’ve been focusing on that? Why didn’t I become more involved in this organization? What if, what if, what if…?”

These thoughts continued as I made my way to the parking garage and caught a glance of Belmont’s campus out the sweeping windows of the WAC building (required pronunciation: “wack” as in “man, this building is WACK!” or “man, why are there no signs directing us to where our classes are? That’s WACK!”). Cue the big-time nostalgia blast as I looked out over my beautiful campus.

Yet as much as I wish otherwise, we can’t go back and relive our college years (but if we could, the first thing I’d do would be to see the Coldplay Mylo Xyloto show again). They have vanished into that irreclaimable and intangible space we call the past.

I may not have done everything right but everything I’ve done has brought me to the right place. The here, the now, the present moment, the person I am typing this post with a poodle next to me.

And you may not have done everything right but everything you’ve done has brought you to the right place. The here, the now, the present moment, the person you are reading this post (with perhaps a poodle next to you – you get double points if so).

We can’t go back and change any of our decisions, so why waste the time and energy focusing on something that is unalterable?

As a former supervisor reminded me during a brief freak-out tweet the other day: make it count.

So maybe you’re on the cusp of your final semester of college and have only 16 weeks of school remaining; make it count.

Or perhaps graduation isn’t until May; still, make it count.

Or you might have many, many weekends left in your college career; nonetheless, it’ll be over sooner than you could’ve imagined. Make it count.

You may even be finished with college already. Yet we all have some sort of finality looming, so whatever end times are ahead for you…

Make it count.

Now Listening:

“Looking Back” – Keane

This is another song that’s not at all new, but its message is totally applicable to this post. It’s from Keane’s phenomenal album Night Train. So enjoy (OR ELSE)!

“They say life makes sense backwards, only you gotta live it forward. Don’t waste your time just looking back.” Word, Keane. WORD.

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