Songs for That Time You Went to College

Ah, college.

It seems like only yesterday that I arrived to Belmont’s campus and was welcomingly ambushed by students much too eager to unpack the belongings from my car. As these students rushed my Chevy with a swift gusto usually reserved for something along the lines of Spain’s running of the bulls, I texted a friend a dramatic SOS plea to get me outta there.

Good times.

In honor of my impending graduation (SOS HELP ME I’M NOT READY TO LEAVE COLLEGE BEHIND), I thought it might be merry and bright to take a wistful look back over those classic college times that I believe we all generally experienced at some point or another.

For that time you were freshman.

Coldplay – “Paradise”

Sodexo caf food. Sharing a bathroom with six girls. Living in a space approximately the square footage of a handicap bathroom stall. Surviving solely off instant Kraft Mac-n-Cheese. Learning how to do laundry for the first time (…don’t fault me for this).

This could be para-para-paradise.

For that time you felt homesick.

Death Cab for Cutie – “Transatlanticism”

Home! “I need you so much closer!”

Hahaha! No, you don’t! College is rad!

For that time you realized Ed Sheeran was a thing.

Ed Sheeran – “Lego House”

And what a beautiful British angel-thing he is.

For that time you felt unnecessary angst for no particular reason.

Bon Iver – “Minnesota, WI”

Can anyone actually understand what he’s singing? What are the lyrics even? Who knows… but it sure does bring on the angst. *commences to moodily listen to album for third time in a row*

For that time you took a spontaneous trip.

FUN. – “Some Nights”

Fly to Philly for no reason other than to catch FUN. in concert? Okay cool yeah why not!!!! We’re in college now!!!! We can do these things!!!!!

Cheers to being young and wild and free… within budget limitations!

For that time you realized sophomore year was mildly sucky.

Passion Pit – “Eyes as Candles”

If college was a developing human being, then sophomore year would certainly be the moody teen stage. “Why do I always seem to need you when you’re fleeting?!” sings along the teen Matt Healy look-alike as he pulls down his hoodie and locks himself in his room brooding over the fact that nobody understands him.

Geez, sophomore year, y u gotta b so ~*teen*~?!!

Bottom line: The sophomore slump is a real thing.

Bottom-er line: At least there’s Passion Pit to write for us those misunderstood feelings we all secretly have, am I right?!

For that time you read too much into things.

Phoenix – “Rome”

Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome! Phoenix must be making a comparison between the fall of an empire and the dissolution of a relationship!

Or maybe these Frenchmen are just keen on pasta and Prosecco.

For those frequent trips to Starbucks with friends.

Pink ft. Nate Ruess – “Just Give Me A Reason”

“Hey guys, wanna go to Starbucks instead of doing homework?”

*collective huzzahs all around*

*blasts Just Give Me A Reason the whole way there and back*

For that time you hated boys and realized Taylor Swift does have her uses after all.

Taylor Swift – “All Too Well”

C’mon. Admit it. We’re all driven into a forced – or, hey, unforced – appreciation of Tay at some point. Plus, this song’s bridge is straight-up blast-the-volume-at-an-unhealthy-level-while-singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs SICK.

For that time you did something adventurous.

1975 – “Pressure”

Like study abroad! And you were like, wow! Life is so cool! The world is so great! I’m so happy right now! And you listened to The 1975 while walking the drizzly streets of London thinking these thoughts. [Feel free to insert personalized adventure here.]

For that time you felt torn between things.

Bastille – “The Draw”

Oh no. Options. Now you must make decision on said options. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

You ignore decision and instead appreciate Bastille’s eloquent expression of the tension of opposites.

For that time you had a life crisis.

One Direction – “Moments”

College is over. WAIT, WUT?! What do I do with my life? Do I stay here or move home? How will I pay rent? Will I be able to support myself ever? Where is my life going? Where do I even want my life to go? WHAT NOW?!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!

Enter One Direction stage left.

Take note, plebeians: One Direction makes for a solid coping mechanism no matter what your life crisis.

How can you be stressed over important life decisions when you have five adorable British cherubim singing sweet nothings into your ear?

Answer: You can’t.

Exit life crisis stage right.

For that time you became sentimental over graduation and wrote a blog post about it generalizing your college experience in hopes that others would relate while also converting to your musical tastes.

Keane – “My Shadow”

Ah, college.

What an inexpressibly marvelous, trying, spontaneous, memorable, glorious, and transformative period of our young lives. It’s been one for the books.

“We won’t be leaving by the same road that we came by.”

No, Keane, we won’t be leaving by the same road; we’ll be leaving by an even better one.

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