6 Musical Things to be Really Giddy About in 2015

It’s 23 days into 2015, and not only are my toes still bruised from wearing heels New Year’s Eve (I wish I was kidding), but I’m also just now getting around to writing this post after putting it off for several weeks.

A new year means new things and new things mean new musical things. So I present to you a completely subjective list of 6 musical things to be really giddy about in 2015:

  1. Coldplay – New Album + Tour

Although the band hasn’t officially confirmed that their next album – A Head Full of Dreams – will be released in 2015, that seems to be the general consensus on the Interwebz. Chris Martin told Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 that once this new album is released, the band will finally hit the road for another tour which I have been ever-so-patiently waiting for since June 22, 2012 brought me Mylo Xyloto in all of its glorious live splendor.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Chris explained, “We’re trying to make something colourful and uplifting, and we’re just having quite a good time making it because we’ve spent so long not making that kind of thing.” That, Chris, sounds like a wonderful plan. I’ve certainly missed this version of Coldplay.

Related… A completely subjective list of what NOT to be giddy about in 2015: the potential that this album may be the last bit of Coldplay this world is ever graced with. Cue the hyperbolic overreaction.

If the new album is anything like the band’s new song “Miracles” – written for the film Unbroken – then we have reason to pause for a prayer of thanks to the Lord.

  1. Passion Pit – New Album

In summer 2012, Passion Pit released their second full-length album, Gossamer, and it quickly made a comfortable home in my heart of hearts and also went on to top my list of favorite album of the year. So, basically, I need that to happen again this year.

The band’s social media accounts have been releasing teaser photos of singer Michael Angelakos in the studio with the caption of “Passion Pit 2015,” so let’s all collectively hope that this translates to a new album this year.

Update: The world is a good place, after all. Spin and others have reported that Passion Pit’s new album, titled Kindred, will be released in April. If anyone’s wondering what my most anticipated album of 2015 is, it’s this.

Just a quick reminder of the sheer level of rad that Gossamer was…

  1. One Direction – World Tour

Yes, them again.

One Direction is coming back to the States this summer for their On the Road Again tour in support of their newest album, FOUR. They’ll then head back to the lovely United Kingdom for a string of sold-out shows, including multiple nights at London’s O2 Arena which – confession – I may have seriously considered buying tickets for. But in the spirit of fiscal responsibility and lack of steady employment, I practiced some monetary self-control and refrained from doing so.

The other day a friend asked me if I was still going through my 1D phase. An over-sized LAWLS!!!! to all of you who think this is merely a passing phase. It’s not (unfortunately?). I’m in this for the long haul. And if I’m to be a long-haul fan, it means a concert is in order. SEE YOU IN MINNEAPOLIS, BOIZ.

And if they stick to their previous track record of an album per year, they’ll release yet another album later this year, although they have said they’d like to spend more time on their next album and oh no God help me why do I know so much about One Direction…

Update: The “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” video I had originally posted from the X Factor UK that basically showcases Niall as a straight-up rock star is no longer on YouTube. Ugh. What an injustice.

You’ll just have to listen to the audio then and imagine Niall with an electric guitar, Harry being his beautifully weird self, and that guy (er, Ronnie Wood) from the Rolling Stones making a random appearance.

  1. Smallpools – Debut Full-Length Album

‘Aye, you kids heard of Smallpools yet? I really like them and so I want to push my musical tastes on you in hopes you’ll like them, too. They’re the kind of synth-alt sound I dig, à la Phoenix and Passion Pit.

Currently, the band has a self-titled EP available. Let it be noted that I approve of all four songs on the EP. They’ve also released a couple of singles in preparation of their debut full-length album. I saw on Twitter a while back about a February release date, but I haven’t seen anything more about it since then, so I would assume that date has been pushed back to later in the year.

Update: On the same day I posted this, Smallpools tweeted that the album, LOVETAP!, will be available March 24, so that answers that.

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with this LA-based band. It’s worth it.

“Dreaming” is from their EP.

  1. The Mowgli’s – New Album + Tour

I first heard The Mowgli’s as I was sitting outside the park while they played a set during Atlanta’s Music Midtown in 2013. After this, I promptly looked them up and fell in love with their album Waiting for the Dawn. It was my jam during fall of 2013, that’s fo’ sho’.

They traveled through Nashville on tour that fall, but alas it fell on the night of the CMA Awards and I had to work, thus missing the show. BUT! Good things come to those who wait, right? The band has announced a new album to be released this spring, Kids in Love. They’re also set to go on tour again, returning to Nashville in the process. Hooray!

Check ‘em and then see if they’ll be stopping in your city.

While “Carry Your Will” isn’t from the forthcoming album, it’s probably my favorite from Waiting for the Dawn, so I had to share.

  1. Mat Kearney – New Album + Tour

When I came to Nashville, Mat Kearney was the first artist I saw live, so of course he holds a special place in my musical heart. His newest album, Just Kids, is set for a February 24 release date. Leading up to this, he’s shared several songs from the new album, all of which are groovy.

Not only am I excited to see him perform at his sold-out Ryman show in April, but I’m also thrilled to see Parachute and fellow Belmont alum Judah and the Lion open for him. Check out his spring tour dates here.

“Heartbeat” is my favorite from the album so far, and I’m quite appreciative of the Nashville love.

And finally, something I only ~*wish*~ would happen in 2015 (but isn’t going to) –

Another The 1975 album




*presses play for the 15th time*

July 2015 Update:  NEW MUSIC MIGHT HAPPEN AFTER ALL. (And this gal’s got tickets to catch ’em in Tuscon in December. CUE THE EXCITEMENT.)

2015 is looking bright, y’all.

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