Songs on Repeat: July 2015

I have a new job, one that requires me to be at a desk for the majority of the day. Endless desk time = endless music time. This has given me increased opportunity to become unhealthily-obsessed with many, many songs this July.

Below are five of these favorites along with some hyperbolic commentary.

Enjoy (or don’t, it’s a free country!!!!!) –

“New Constellations” – Ryn Weaver

I’ve been super into Ryn Weaver, which is surprising given I generally don’t gravitate toward female voices. But her debut album, The Fool, is the quality of album that Passion Pit’s Kindred should’ve been (I’m still nursing a bitter disappointment over that one).

I may or may not have cried listening to this on the way home from work recently (I’m going through a second Emotional Renaissance in my life, please don’t judge). The bridge – “You can run if you want to / if you want to, you know” overlaid with “What if there’s more?” – gives a really aggressive elbow nudge to the restlessness I’ve been feeling lately and thus brings on drive-home-from-work sobs (the best kind!).

Other favorites on the album: “OctaHate,” “Pierre,” “The Fool,” and “Sail On.”

“Elastic Heart” – Sia

My friend was really into Sia’s 1000 Forms of Fear last summer and tried fervently to convince me of its greatness. But true to my history of always liking things long after friends have tried to show me the light (i.e. Coldplay, John Mayer, Sam Smith), it wasn’t until I heard “Elastic Heart” on the radio recently that my opinion of this song changed from “meh” to “this is hella good!”

The song’s production value plus #relatable lyrics make me feel like simultaneously proclaiming loudly to the world “I am invincible!” while also writing an emotionally-vulnerable open letter to Sia detailing every single heartbreak I’ve had all the way back to 7th grade because she gets it. Strongly contradicting emotions, my favorite!

“Ends of the Earth” – Lord Huron

I caught Lord Huron’s show at the Ryman this spring when I was doing backstage work there, and I quickly became smitten with their tunes. I purchased their first album, Lonesome Dreams, and christened it as the soundtrack to my two weeks in London this past May (along with Mumford & Son’s Wilder Mind).

The whole album is superb. I get a li’l weak in the knees over songs that blend seamlessly into one another on an album, and this one does it in a way that makes me wish it were physically possible to hug soundwaves.

The line, “What good is living the life you’ve been given if all you do is stand in place?” makes this travel-lovin’ heart of mine stand in the pews shouting AMEN YES THIS YES.

Ugh. Just go listen to the album and try to fight the temptation to quit your job, sell all your belongings, and spend your days riding trains through pastoral moors and steeple-dotted stone villages.

Other album favorites: The whole thing. But if I have to pick only a few… “Time to Run,” “Lonesome Dreams,” and “She Lit a Fire.”

“Antichrist” – The 1975

Because I’ll never not obsess over this band and everything that Matty’s musical mind makes. Plus I can’t help but swo0o0o0o0on over the fact that Matty is cool enough to use the word “capricious” in a song. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THEY ARE TEASING A SECOND ALBUM AND HOW I’M SO UNBEARABLY EXCITED FOR IT THAT I’M TYPING THIS IN ALL CAPS!!!!

“Glass Heart Hymn” – Paper Route

A friend played me this song for the first time last night, and OH MAN have I fallen haaard over this one. The chorus is like a mini coming-to-God moment every. single. time. and given the fact that I’ve listened to this song at least 15 times already, I’ve had a lot of coming-to-God moments today. I will give you $48 if you don’t have even the tiniest bit of weird, transcendent feeling while listening to this at a you’ll-eventually-go-deaf volume in the car.

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