Why London?

Why London Maps & Mochas Title

“Why London?” he asked as we sat after-hours in a cozy Clapham neighborhood pub tucked away on a sleeping street corner. It was the kind of pub where everyone knows each other, where the patrons are more like family rather than strangers who frequent the same bar.

I struggled to find the right words to suitably answer this native Londoner’s question. Why do I love London so?

I studied abroad in London for four months in 2014, falling so in love with this city that leaving felt like a breakup more than anything. I returned for two weeks this past May, excited to once more immerse myself in the city that my heart had remained behind in.

But why London? Why do I feel such a draw to this place more than any of the other cities I’ve been to and lived in?


(P.S. My personal blog has made the leap from PenPointed Noise to a snazzy new Maps & Mochas so that I can write on more than just music. See it here.)

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1 Response to Why London?

  1. trinhq says:

    I can’t agree more with you on this post. I’ve visited it for the first earlier this year and I couldn’t stop talking about it! Great post!

    Love, Trinh

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